RIFF Music Lounge is permanently closed now, but at one time it was an acoustically-tuned music venue with the ability to broadcast any performances in HD. They had direct access to one of Chicago’s finest recording studios, Pressure Point Recordings, bringing cutting-edge entertainment to the forefront. The music lounge was located on Michigan Ave. in Chicago’s exciting S Loop.

The lounge was expertly decorated with an eye-popping glowing bar and black benches. Included were small tables lined up alongside the magnificent brick walls. Normally the nightclub would have DJs playing everyone’s favorite dance music, but on occasion they would bring in some of the top local live bands as entertainment.

Riff Music Lounge Nightclub and Bar

Live cover bands were the up and coming entertainment for this popular night spot. At the current time it seems like popular nightclubs, bars, or lounges almost have to have live entertainment for their patrons. DJs playing recorded music is just not as in vogue as it once was, and therefore live dance bands are a must.

Now that RIFF Music Lounge has permanently closed its doors, you can longer enjoy the live music bands it planned on presenting to its crowds, but there are still plenty of hot spots and music clubs in Chicago where live music can be experienced and enjoyed. Check out some of our club images.